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The Francis Law Firm fights relentlessly to secure compensation for clients when they or their loved ones have been wrongfully or negligently harmed or their property taken without fair compensation. We are proud of the results achieved for clients we have represented in the past. We will put our resources, dedication and experience to work for you. Every case is important to us -- no matter how large or small.

A few representative examples of client results are:


$20.25 million (jury verdict for a mother of a boy who was severely brain damaged at birth by failure of hospital staff to recognize hours of fetal distress (resulting in $19 million settlement while jury deliberated))

$10.1 million settlement (settlement with the State of North Carolina for family after jury verdict and appeals in lawsuit to terminate land trust) 

$3.9 million settlement (settlement for engineer seriously injured in trucking accident)

$3.75 million settlement (settlement for long time owners of family property in land condemnation against City of Raleigh)

$3.55 million (result obtained for family in land condemnation/sale of real property to developer)

$2.25 million (settlement when bus hit pedestrian causing below knee amputation)

$2.1 million (arbitration award for family of young husband killed in hit and run motor vehicle accident on Interstate-95)

$2 million (settlement for family in wrongful death of woman in delayed diagnosis of liver failure)

$1,279,000 (settlement for woman with placental abruption and poly-trauma in head on collision in motor vehicle accident)

$1,075,000 million (settlement for man permanently disabled due to delayed diagnosis and treatment of spinal epidural abscess)

$1,015,000 million (settlement for woman in low impact rear end collision)

$600,000 (settlement for family for wrongful death in trucking accident)

$586,000 (structured transaction for sale of property to Wake County School System to build school and resolve family lawsuit)

$578,000 (settlement for housing authority in partial taking land condemnation case)

$575,075 (settlement in land condemnation case against Triangle Transit Authority)

$555,000 (settlement for family for wrongful death in trucking accident)

$550,000 (settlement for man in motorcycle accident resulting in multiple broken bones)

$527,000 (wrongful death settlement for the estate of young man killed in motor vehicle accident)

$525,000 (settlement for woman with broken bones and vertigo in trucking accident)

$475,000 (settlement for woman negligently misdiagnosed with HIV)

$475,000 (settlement for family in death of young child for failure to triage in emergency room)

$425,000 (settlement in man suffering closed head injury in trucking accident)

$375,000 (settlement to mother for minor son killed in Interstate-95 trucking accident)

$351,000 (settlement for family in land condemnation case)

$350,000 (settlement with the State of North Carolina for incarcerated mother in infant death from delayed diagnosis of fetal distress)

$325,000 (settlement for parents in stillborn birth from delayed fetal distress)

$250,000 (settlement for widower in failure to diagnose wife’s sepsis/blood poisoning)

$225,000 (settlement for family of woman in medication overdose wrongful death)

$220,000  (settlement for American Legion Post in partial taking land condemnation case)

$175,000 (jury verdict for woman who suffered a soft tissue injury in motor vehicle accident (one of the largest soft tissue verdicts in WakeCounty))

$174,920 (settlement for family in land condemnation case)

$174,000 (settlement for woman with back injury in motor vehicle case) 

$150,000 (settlement for former inmate who lost foot due to medical negligence while incarcerated)

$145,000 (jury verdict for driver suffering broken collar bone in head on collision)

$132,000 (jury verdict for school teacher with facial lacerations in motor vehicle accident)

$128,000 (settlement for woman whose arm was negligently broken by medical staff following a routine medical procedure)

$125,000 (settlement for inmate due to negligent care and treatment of hand injury)

$121,000 (arbitration award to woman for disk injury in motor vehicle accident)

$100,000 (settlement for elderly woman in motor vehicle accident)  

$100,000 (settlement for mother and daughter in motor vehicle accident)

$100,000 (settlement for motor vehicle accident)

$95,000 (arbitration award for man suffering back injuries in motor vehicle accident)

$92,000 (settlement for man with soft tissue back injuries in a motor vehicle accident)

$80,000 (settlement for pre-school girl whose arm was broken by teacher’s excessive force)

$80,000 (settlement for man in nursing home negligence case)

$69,689 (arbitration award for woman with back injuries in motor vehicle case with uninsured driver)

$67,289 (settlement for negligently leaving piece of IVC catheter in patient’s arm)

The Francis Law Firm prosecutes or defends around 35-45 claims or lawsuits at any given time.  Most medical negligence cases involve complex scientific litigation and are vigorously defended.  Settlements generally only occur after suit is filed and the parties have undertaken extensive discovery.  We have collected all verdicts we have obtained. However, some verdicts have been collected only after appeal to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. The Francis Law Firm has successfully represented clients in cases of motor vehicle negligence, infant mortality, paralysis, loss of limb, blood poisoning, physical disability, medication error, wrongful death, and various other forms of negligence.  The representative samples listed on our website are from 1997 to the present. Our past successes should not be construed as a guarantee that we will be successful with any particular case in the future. Although most of the cases in which we have been involved resulted in a favorable outcome, not every case has resulted in a favorable outcome.  We can provide our complete record by mail upon request.

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